The Radalj Spa

At only 12 km from Mali Zvornik is Radalj Spa, which nature gave plenty of healing water and the well-known stone - granite and forest resources. The first analysis of mineral waters was carried out at the end of the 1890th year. Subsequent investigations have shown that healing water spa in Radalj, help in the treatment of inflammatory rheumatism, rheumatoid arthritis, degenerative rheumatism, arthritis and spondylosis and out of all forms of articular rheumatism.

The spa is also an artificial lake whose water runs mini power plant, and its depth reaches up to 20 meters. The lake is rich with various species of fish, particularly carp, and near the river Drina, a special paradise for anglers. Hilly areas of the mountain as a meeting place Boranja big and small game, and is adept at hunting visitors are provided ample opportunities for hunting wild game. Spa in Radalj addition of sulphurous water, has a special spring whose waters a positive effect on the eyes, removing eye cataracts and retinopathy diabetes consequences, While acting simultaneously on the improvement of vision in healthy people.