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The Old Bridge

Near Royal Drina is old - an iron bridge on the Drina. Back in the 1919th years, Mali Zvornik visited Unifier King Alexander, the great grandson of the Supreme Leader Karadjordje, who vowed to bridge the "Drina noble one." Karadjordje Testament fulfilled his great-grandson, and already the 1922nd years, Serbian traders began to plan the construction of the bridge in place where landed King Alexander.

Podzemni grad
Grad pod zemljom

THE underground shelter of Karadjordjevic

Not far from the Iron Bridge on the Drina, in a large, rocky hill is the underground city of refuge. In the belly of the hill, on the orders of King Alexander I Karadjordjevic, was built in an underground maze of chambers that makes excavated in stone for the King's wartime command post and a longer stay of more people underground.
The construction of the underground city began in 1931. it lasted until the assassination of King Alexander in Marseilles 1934th Work was stopped, and then it was done about two-thirds of the shelters.

Crkva brvnara
Vukova kuća
Vukova kuća


Old town Zvornik (fortress) was founded probably in the second half of the 13th or at the beginning of the 14th century. From this period comes the legend of the cursed Jerina, woman of Djurdje, who is credited with raising the old town of Zvornik (Jerina's town or city of the damned Jerina) today the city of Djurdje.
Fortress is one of the most valuable objects of this kind in the country and can be measured with Petrovaradin and the Kalemegdan fortress.

Zvorničko jezero
Kućice na jezeru


The Lake of Zvornik along 20 kilometers the jagged coastline offers endless possibilities: swimming, fishing and the competition in kayaking. According to the narration of fishermen from Mali Zvornik here have caught catfish weighs 150 kg, 13.7 kg of perch (European record), pike of 18.5 kg (European record), and mladica of 20 kg. This lake is unique in Europe in that it contains fish that live in cold and fast water, as well as those species whose habitat is warmer and calm water.

Soko grad
Manastir Soko
Krst iznad manastira
U prošlosti

The Soko City

City of Soko has emerged in medieval Serbia, but is best known for his role during the Ottoman occupation of Serbia, during which he became one of the most notorious torture chambers of the Orthodox population.
The city was mined and largely destroyed after the departure of the Turkish army. Today there is very little remains of the ramparts and towers, and finds itself on the foundations of one of the towers erected concrete plateau on which raised a large cross. Bishop of Šabac, Lavrentije at the foot City of Soko fifteen years ago built a monastery dedicated to Nikolaj Velimirovic.

Radaljska banja

The Radalj Spa

At only 12 km from Mali Zvornik is Radalj Spa, which nature gave plenty of healing water and the well-known stone - granite and forest resources. The first analysis of mineral waters was carried out at the end of the 1890th year. Subsequent investigations have shown that healing water spa in Radalj, help in the treatment of inflammatory rheumatism, rheumatoid arthritis, degenerative rheumatism, arthritis and spondylosis and out of all forms of articular rheumatism.