The City of Soko

City of Soko has emerged in medieval Serbia, but is best known for his role during the Ottoman occupation of Serbia, during which he became one of the most notorious torture chambers of the Orthodox population.

The city was mined and largely destroyed after the departure of the Turkish army. Today there is very little remains of the ramparts and towers, and finds itself on the foundations of one of the towers erected concrete plateau on which raised a large cross. Bishop of Šabac, Lavrentije at the foot City of Soko fifteen years ago built a monastery dedicated to Nikolaj Velimirovic.

Traditional event "Moba" is held from July 20 to August 19 in the Monastery of St. Nicholas in the town of Soko near municipality Ljubovija and brings together young people from Serbia and abroad.

  "Moba" was launched 2001th by The "Association of emigration" and Diocese of Sabac of the Serbian Orthodox Church, supported by the Serbian Government. Its aim is to socialize young Serbs from the diaspora with their peers from the parent and a better understanding of the Serbian language and customs. The host of the event is Lavrentije Bishop of Sabac.